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Top 5 Best Executive golf gifts 2012

There’s plenty of time left to order executive gifts for golf or business. Here’s a list are some CEO golf shop best sellers. What makes them a best seller? The same customer will order them year after year because even if they already have one, they still want another. Secondly, it has to be a gift that will NOT be regifted. All items can be optionally customized with your company logo or personalization.

  1. Any Windbrella umbrella. Both the 62 inch and 68 inch golf umbrella‘s are in stock right now. The 68 inch golf umbrella’s have been out of stock by Thanksgiving for the last 4 years so this is a hot item that most will not have. A tour player favorite. Burgundy, hunter, and navy in stock now. BEST GIFT IF  YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE RECIPIENT LIKES.
  2. Personalized golf balls. You might find a cheaper dozen golf balls in your local store this holiday season, but our personalized golf balls are a great value that will be cherished by the recipient. There’s a big difference between receiving golf balls and custom golf balls. Not how they play, but how the person feels when they play with the balls. BEST GIFT FOR THE AVID GOLFER. If you don’t know their brand preference, try Bridgestone or Titleist Pro V1 for executives, or any inexpensive golf ball for the occasional golfer.
  3. Custom Billboard Golf Bag. BEST GOLF BAG TO SHOW OFF COMPANY BRAND. custom golf bag
  4. Last Bag X, the best golf travel bag. For the executive who travels to golf tournaments, choose the number one travel bag used by PGA Tour players, add a name, initials, or logo. Be sure to add the ‘stiff arm’ to protect tall clubs. golf travel bag
  5. It’s a toss up. Custom golf grips or custom wood covers. If you’re not sure what to order, order 12 tour wrap golf grips and 1 putter golf grip, and or a 56 degree wedge with custom grip.

And there you have it,  5 top golf gifts for executives.


Outerwear holiday sale- men’s golf and casual luxury apparel

Zero Restriction and Fairway & Greene men’s outerwear sale in all colors and sizes up to 3XL. Our best golf brands worn on every major pro golf tour at our lowest holiday promo prices ever. You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy the comfort of these quality jackets,  pullovers, and tech wear.  Optionally add custom logo embroidery for a great executive gift.

Here’s a list of the in stock items. Hurry for the best size and color selections.

zero restiction highland jacket. Men's waterproof jacket
Zero Restiction Men's Highland Jacket is a soft alernative to traditional golf windwear, with windproof, breathable fabric, designed to provide freedom to swing. Waterproof membrane.
mens black jacket fairway & green outerwear
Fairway & Greene 301400C Men's Fairway & Greene Barnes Microfiber Jacket

Download the order form and complete price list. CEOgolfshop zero restriction outerwear sale 2011 (excel)

Download the order form and complete price list. CEOgolfshop zero restriction outerwear sale 2011 (pdf)

ABOUT ZERO RESTRICTION: Zero Restriction, founded in 1991, started by making waterproof rainwear for golfers. Players on all three professional tours saw the advantages of ZR, and orders started pouring in. Today ZR continues to set new standards in golf apparel, using innovative technology and patented features to enhance freedom of motion without restriction, something that is crucial for all golfers and sports enthusiasts.

The Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM), an industry group of the best shops at golf resorts and country clubs, recently ranked Zero Restriction as the Top Outerwear Brand at Private Clubs. PGA magazine also consistently ranks Zero Restriction as a top seller every month in their publication.

From avid golfer to seasoned Tour Pro, Zero Restriction provides comfort in any weather through the thoughtful design of the world’s finest golf outerwear and performance apparel.

  • Full freedom of movement and protection from the elements since 1991.
  • Known for innovative Gore-Tex® rainwear with Gore’s “Guaranteed to keep you Dry” ® promise.
  • Patented Motion-Tuned features for golf comfort and unhindered swing in rain and wind.
  • Tour-proven performance in all conditions.
  • Consistently top-rated outerwear brand at private, public and resort courses (AGM Surveys and PGA Magazine)
  • Supplier to international team competitions (Ryder Cup, Walker Cup, President’s Cup)

This article is no longer current. Click here for the CEOgolfshop online store

Why a custom coffee mug isn’t good enough

Marketing with a $1.30 custom coffee mug vs a $30 custom umbrella. Today I received an email from a very large promotional products company for custom coffee mugs. They touted how theirs was cheaper, 25% less in fact, than a well-known national company for a similar mug.

I admire this company for their web site wizardry and that’s why I subscribe to their email. I’ve found their prices to be way higher for anything I’ve looked at, but I digress.

The coffee mug is a plain vanilla mug. Add your logo. Total Cost $1.30. Thankfully they do tell us the mug is safe and lead-free because it is really cheap.

custom coffee mug

If I sent you the mug, you’d almost certainly open the package. But then, the mug would quickly find it’s way to the lunchroom or some other obscure place. But I can virtually guarantee, you’ll never look at it again after 5 minutes. Why? Because there is nothing to distinguish it. It’s not an image of your favorite vacation spot. It’s not from a loved one. You probably don’t need or want another coffee mug. And since you’re MY customer or prospect, I know you’re old enough to have a FAVORITE mug if you drink coffee.

What kind of gifts are you giving? Yesterday I told the story of the umbrella I was given as a gift 9 YEARS AGO, that’s still the FAVORITE of every member of my family. They call it by name. Nobody wants the ‘Cadillac’ private label umbrella, which was also a gift I received at a golf event.  They want the ‘Jr Achievement’ umbrella. The Cadillac umbrella is good, but even though they are both 62″ umbrella’s, have auto open, and double canopies, it’s not as good as the ‘Jr. Achievement’ Windbrella. (The Cadillac also now has a little broken piece.) It doesn’t open or close quite as easily. The JA one seems to keep you drier.  Does it really?

custom golf umbrella

One particularly stormy day as we prepared to exit the car, my daughter ASKED, “Please mom can I have the Jr Achievement umbrella? I have a friend so I really need it”.  Her friend looked at her like she was a bit crazy. After all, with two umbrella’s the same length to choose from, what’s the difference? My daughter stated, ” It’s just better. I really can’t explain it.” I don’t know whether one umbrella keeps you drier or not. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the perception.

The Jr Achievement Umbrella is used ALL THE TIME on and off the golf course. I probably should have two. Oh, that’s right, I do- I finally bought my daughter her own, a smaller one for her backpack last year.  The Cadillac umbrella is used ‘only when we really need two’ because no one wants it.


$650 for 500 coffee mugs

$3 to package and ship (calculate your own costs for a trade show)

$2150 Total investment

2 minutes –  impression time of recipient

$2.15 per minute MARKETING COST


$15,000  ($30 X 500 umbrellas)

$5000 to package & ship

$20,000 total investment

1000 minutes – impressions to recipient over 10 years

100 minutes-  time recipients will talk about your gift over 10 years

200 minutes- impressions others see from using this item over 10 years

6,500,000 minutes exposed FOR 500 UMBRELLA’s

$.003 cost per minute MARKETING INVESTMENT

One of these promotions is an EXPENSE. The other one is an INVESTMENT. You can run the math with your own numbers. There are more than just the impressions though. After years of use, the recipient will come to love this umbrella. It lasts, it feels good, and it works. Your brand will be forever associated with those good feelings.  I know this from personal experience. I know this because years later when I started CEOgolfshop this was one of the first brands I wanted to make a deal with. Customers from years ago still call and TELL US how much they love this umbrella and they want to buy more FROM US because we recommended it in the first place.

What if you don’t have $20,000? I’d buy at least 144 units. Then I’d have them completely customized. There would be no brand name, just my own brand  everywhere on it like Cadillac created. I’d even insert a warranty card that had my brand on it. So if it ever did break, they’d call MY COMPANY. That would create another opportunity for my salesperson to meet with them, ask for referrals and show how much I care about them.

I’d hand them out to my best sales people and tell them to give half to their best customers. How’d you like to have your best customers advertising for you for the next 10 years? Then I’d have them give the other half to their best prospects.

You’re far more likely to get a new customer from someone who see’s your brand over and over again than from someone who looks at it for a few minutes. We’ve had customers call who already have one and want another for when their friends need one!

Are you spending money on marketing or are you investing in current and future customers?

The CEOgolfshop.com sales team specializes in executive gifts and can help you choose the right gift for your target audience. We offer custom umbrella’s and private label umbrella’s for both on and off the golf course. The 62″ golf umbrella is a best seller.

Preparing for your celebrity golf tournament

What can you provide for our celebrity golf tournament? Our services include all aspects from gifts for goodie bags to custom trophies, logo tournament shirts and event signs.

Shirts with logos: premium events like these tend to fall into 2 categories:
1. The event is so fantastic, the celebrity event name is run on the left chest, usually a color logo.
The sponsors go on the sleeves- usually tonal text on each sleeve, or they are not on at all.
2.  The event is new or does not yet have the panache of an ‘NFL caliber’ event. Tonal becomes more popular.
Other factors – value and style of the shirt. A resort style (camp) shirt may be given instead of a golf shirt. Then it’s left chest only for logo embroidery.

How far in advance do I need to order promotional products? For shirts, definitely advance order to get enough color and sizes. You won’t know exactly what you need, but it can take up to 4 months to produce, depending on when you hit the production cycle and the brand. The time to choose a shirt style,  color, and qty is December for March delivery.  We can assist with product recommendations.

There is a limited amount of shirts on hand for any brand. The larger the tournament, the harder it is to get exactly what you need last minute, unless you happen to hit right after a production run arrives in the warehouse. You may also want to consider our private label solutions, minimum 1200, in which case you can advance order with your name imprinted in the label, plus custom hang tags. Then simply add event and sponsor embroidery as needed at a later date. Maybe the recipients don’t want to wear a shirt with your logo, because of the nature of your product. This is an easy way to get your brand on a top quality shirt, without having your logo visible to everyone all the time.

We have an excellent promotional product for celebrity tournaments– a tour quality towel by Club Glove. This is a very desirable item and a sponsor who doesn’t get on the shirt can own the sole logo on this towel. It’s microfiber, tour size, highly coveted, and has low penetration in the market so far.

Here’s what’s needed to put together your custom proposal:
– jpg of event logo for review
– logos of any sponsors that you are thinking of for shirts
– overall budget for gifts

– qty breakdown of support staff, players, and ‘friends of the tournament’ that you may offer gifts to

– signage needs – usually these encompass posters for cocktail parties as well as hole sponsor signs, and other outdoor promotional signs.

We can put together a spreadsheet of ideas, costs, and order deadlines. You can then use this as a masterplan for the tournament committee and sponsors. I’ve sat on golf tournament committees and the core gift ideas are frequently part of a coordinated effort involving the key sponsors, while other items are left entirely to the discretion of the participant marketing teams.

A celebrity destination tournament frequently includes golf and non-golf promotional products. The last local celebrity tournament I played included a $90 sweater, nice leather duffle bag with tournament logo, certificate for a free pair of golf shoes, logo shirt – with nth Annual ‘sponsor name’ event logo – nothing on the sleeves, and other goodies.

We have in-house production for signs. For tee box signs, One thing to consider is whether they will be reusable or one time only. Second, all too often there are last minute additions to hole sponsors. Depending on the design, you can have blanks made and drop in names after. Prices avg $13-18- prices driven by materials.
– Flags – take a look at some of the outdoor banners here. The spinning flagstand is popular if buying in bulk qty by one sponsor. (12 or more for price drops).  The mediascreen is popular to move around at different points of the event. The Expand Flagstand is new and great when you want to set up and leave it. Banners with grommets are usually $10/sq ft. or less.  Bring twine and hang them.