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Can I order the Fairway & Green tournament lisle is 3XL?

Is it possible to order the fairway and greene tournament stripe lisle in 3x? While initially offered only to 2X, the 301212 is now available in 3XL.

Fairway & Greene

Tournament Stripe Lisle Polo shirt

We have a 24 piece minimum for all Fairway and Greene first time buyers for logo shirts,  12 units on re-orders.

Without logos, we will try to accommodate all 12 unit orders. However, please note that the online prices are based on 24 piece minimum. Mix and match any styles, sizes and colors as long it is the minimum unit total.

We recommend you create an account in the online store,  enter all your items in the shopping cart, register  and then give us a call or send us an email.  We’ll override any minimum order blocks and price quote for you.