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Best folding promotional umbrella review

I just tested the 58 inch Georgetown folder by Windbrella and was not only impressed, but so were my two of my friends that asked where they could get one. A storm was brewing, and it was already lightly raining, but my friends and I were committed to a night of yoga on the beach. I brought the solid black umbrella “just in case”.

It folds to 21 inches and fit nicely into my bag with just the handle sticking out, easy to grab.promotional umbrella Georgetown folder plus

Boy did I need it.  We had with driving rain and the winds gusted to 25 mph per hour. ( I checked the weather report for data and it seemed stronger than that on the beach.) The umbrella didn’t budge. Even with swirling winds, it was not going to blow inside out- clearly it could have handled even stronger winds.

folding golf umbrella

Above image of a checkerboard style Georgetown folder Plus, which comes is available in standard colors of Navy, Black, Hunter Green, navy/white, hunter/cream, royal/white, red/white, black/white, burgundy/cream, red & black check, Black & white check.. This folding umbrella is so big, sometimes it’s called the folding golf umbrella.

I’m a huge fan of the 62 golf umbrella, and now I’m a huge fan of this one too. I like that it folds up, but that it’s also a full size umbrella. Thanks to the many, many customers who use this umbrella- you convinced me I don’t have to carry my “62” golf umbrella everywhere to stay dry. This 58 inch umbrella is more coverage than I ever imagined in a folder.

What makes the Georgetown folder plus better than similar competitor umbrella’s?

  • The double canopy and vented mesh system are critical to keeping users dry, preventing blowing inside out (hence getting wet and frustrated), and durability.
  • Everyone can probably recall a day where they left their umbrella at home because it was inconvenient to carry, and they got drenched. We eliminated that problem with both a carry strap that can be slipped over the wrist, and equally important, a shoulder cord so users can tote the umbrella hands free.
  • Easy auto open button. Have you ever wasted precious seconds getting wet while trying to find the open button? We’ve eliminated that with a nice big white button that your thumb naturally finds when gripping the handle.
  • Easy pinchless close. Do you know the little metal piece that sticks up from the metal that pinches your finger when you close the umbrella? Sure you do. No matter how hard we try, everyone has pinched their finger closing an umbrella at some point. When holding the upper grip for closing the Windbrella, it’s impossible to pinch your fingers because of the patented design.

What makes this a better promotional umbrella than similar competitor umbrella’s?

  • Quality counts. When you want to leave a lasting positive impression, give a gift that lasts forever. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer strictly enforces patents worldwide so there are no others quite like it.
  • Presentation quality– Options to custom imprint on the sheath and umbrella, plus custom embroider on the strap, with factory orders, and on the panels with in-stock orders. All umbrellas are delivered individually in a plastic wrap.
  • It’s a size everyone will love from mom’s to CEO’s to golfers.
  • No minimums, however, free set up and imprinting start at 24 units.

Why buy from CEOgolfshop?

  • Expert consulting will help guide you to the right product selection.
  • Fair prices for the services offered. Others often charge extras and rush fees that we rarely do.
  • Shipped direct from factory to you- customize any way you like it.
  • Service. Get what you want, when you need it. So many choices.

Where to buy online:

Custom logo umbrellas – 58 inch Georgetown folder 11 colors at CEOgolfshop.com online store.

For retail purchase without a logo, click here Windbrella 58″ Georgetown Folder Plus umbrella.

Do you own one? Please add your review below.

Promotional umbrella – read before you buy a cheap umbrella

Acknowledge it. Whoever you give an umbrella to already has one in their car, their golf bag, their house or somewhere. So what makes an umbrella a great gift? Either delivery in a moment of need (it’s raining and they don’t have one) or one that fits a specific need and is of ultra high quality.  Your customer, friend, or special employee doesn’t need another crummy cheap umbrella. They already have one, and if you give them another, it’s going to end up with their kid, their friend, or re-gifted at another event.

If you spend $13 on a crummy gift and your customer doesn’t keep it, what is the return on your investment? 60 seconds of gratitude?

If you spend $35 on a great gift and your customer keeps it for 10 years, what is the return on your investment? How much is it worth for your customer to think of you happily each time they open their umbrella in a storm and are grateful they have such a fantastic umbrella- from YOU? How much is it worth when your customer enthusiastically tells a friend that they got their great umbrella from YOU? That’s what happens when you give a GREAT  promotional umbrella gift. That’s powerful brand building.

I’m not saying the only option is a $35 umbrella, and in fact we offer lower cost options, but thinking back to your own experiences, how many umbrella’s have you purchased? Why have you purchased so many? Do they get lost or break? How many gifted umbrella’s have you kept vs. given away? There’s an interesting correlation between quality and getting lost. Cheap umbrella’s are routinely lost or given away, but umbrella’s that people love are lost or given away much less frequently. People know the difference between quality and junk and they take care of their property based on real and perceived value. Do you want your brand associated with ‘care-less’ or ‘cared for’?

If your company cannot afford to give the best umbrella, maybe it’s better to think about a different idea that fits your budget. CEOgolfshop has access to promotional products in every category.  If you need some creative thinking to help choose the best promotional product for your giveway, call or send us details about the event, recipients, and quantity needed. For annual sales and employee incentive award trips, we can put together a complete package filled with quality items in a variety of price ranges.

promotional umbrella
promotional umbrella


CEOgolfshop staff are trusted advisors who’ve played in amateur, celebrity, and charity golf tournaments in multiple states and multiple countries, participated in charity events from $25 to $2500 per person, and have been awarded incentive trips for top producing sales while working at Fortune 500 companies. A lot of gifts have been received over the years. A lot of money was wasted on items that went to the trash can, or anywhere but the intended recipient. CEOgolfshop helps businesses select promotional products that match company budgets and branding.