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Custom Museum Umbrella’s Wholesale Manufacturer

Custom wholesale museum umbrella’s worthy of your museum masterpieces. There’s plenty of cheap private label umbrella options, but when you need an umbrella that matches the quality of your brand, you need CEOgolfshop custom umbrella’s, manufactured to our specification,

Custom museum umbrella’s wholesale to you with our partner manufacturer Windbrella. With the quality of a Mercedes (a customer), we have a full line of luxe umbrella choices from fashion with rounded handle to the famous golf umbrella.

With more choices than ever, you can put your museum logo, special exhibit logo and artwork on the inside or outside of your umbrella. Create a collage or use a single image. Use a single color for the opposite side, or multiple colors.


The choice is yours. Windbrella is famous for their globally patented quality, and all include a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

Unexpected rain?  These umbrella’s will last a lifetime so you can sell at a higher price, instead of a cheap umbrella that breaks on the first windy day.  Starting with grip and the auto open whoosh, our umbrella’s will immediately make a positive impression with your patrons. The images you choose continue a lifetime of memories.

I still use my first Windbrella, a gift from the early 2000’s, and have fond memories of my children and I in torrential rain running together under it, as well as the original event in which I received it. The logo on that umbrella? It’s from a non-profit, Jr Achievement of South Florida, and I’m a regular supporter.

Reinforce your brand image with an umbrella that shares what your museum is all about.

CEOgolfshop is a 100% women-owned business specializing in quality custom luxury promotional products. Custom museum umbrella’s wholesale manufacturer. Call 800-CEO-1899 for more information.

FREE promotional umbrella for charity golf tournament gift

custom imprinted umbrella
Free 62 inch Windbrella golf umbrella as pictured.

Let us quote your next custom promotional product item, and we’ll send you a free 62 inch double canopy golf umbrella, a great raffle item for your annual golf tournament or other charity event, while supplies last. Umbrella must ship directly to verifiable 501.c.3 charity.

Need a custom umbrella for your event? Contact us for great deals. Need one for yourself? Buy our best blank 62 Inch golf umbrella online here.

CEOgolfshop specializes in custom gifts for high net worth recipients. We offer a wide variety of high quality custom promotional products. Call 800-236-1899 to learn more.

Automatic open umbrella’s

If you’re looking for an automatic open umbrella, they’re pretty standard today for any quality manufacturer. A key difference between brands is the button to open and how they close. It seems so simple, yet it can actually be an indicator of the umbrella quality and durability.

umbrella handle folder

I’ve tested over a dozen of cheap and expensive brands over the years, paying full price just like any other customer. They all open easy. Some open faster then others. Some open with a more pleasant ‘woomph’ vs a gradual stuttering open. But that’s all subjective.

Windbrella is the most promoted umbrella in our online store because they are the best. We can also offer customers a whole bunch of other brand umbrella’s to add your custom logo to including Titleist Nike, Footjoy, Taylor Made, Callaway, Hahns Jordan, and others. We choose to promote Windbrella because their products are noticeably better constructed.  If on a tight budget, contact us for other name brands that are decent quality.




Custom logo windproof umbrella buying guide

New logo umbrella buyers guide for custom Windbrella’s, a top manufacturer of quality windproof umbrella’s. Instantly compare promotional umbrella choices by color, size, product differences, prices, and recommendations.

Looking for a red umbrella? UV protection umbrella? No problem, see all your options at a glance. All the umbrella’s are automatic open. The new mini also has automatic close.

logo umbrella comparison chart nest windproof

I’ve written many articles about choosing an umbrella, and quality difference, so the buyers guide is not too in-depth, but is rather a quick guide to choosing the best umbrella once you’ve made a decision that this is the right gift product choice, and Windbrella is the best brand.

Click here to view online or download as a Microsoft spreadsheet  Logo umbrella buyers guide. 

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