Automatic open umbrella’s

If you’re looking for an automatic open umbrella, they’re pretty standard today for any quality manufacturer. A key difference between brands is the button to open and how they close. It seems so simple, yet it can actually be an indicator of the umbrella quality and durability.

umbrella handle folder

I’ve tested over a dozen of cheap and expensive brands over the years, paying full price just like any other customer. They all open easy. Some open faster then others. Some open with a more pleasant ‘woomph’ vs a gradual stuttering open. But that’s all subjective.

Windbrella is the most promoted umbrella in our online store because they are the best. We can also offer customers a whole bunch of other brand umbrella’s to add your custom logo to including Titleist Nike, Footjoy, Taylor Made, Callaway, Hahns Jordan, and others. We choose to promote Windbrella because their products are noticeably better constructed.  If on a tight budget, contact us for other name brands that are decent quality.




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