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private label apparel – mens shirts new 2012 luxury collection

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Are you looking for high-end private label luxury apparel? Our newest private label  collection includes 100% double mercerized cotton polos plus new hybrid performance shirts. The collection includes work, golf, resort and casual wear. Stripes, solids, sean collar, and even a button down dress shirt.

private label stripe mercerized cotton shirtprivate label sweater zip


Is there a minimum order? Yes, it varies by fabric and style, but 500 is a typical minimum per color, mix sizes.

Can I have my brand name imprinted on the shirt inside? Yes. All of our samples include brand embroidery on the inside for an upscale look, however, it’s your apparel, you can have it any way you want.

How long does production take? If you choose an existing style and color, it’s 7-8 weeks. If you want to customize your own size cut, different colors etc, it’s 7-8 weeks from final approved samples.

Do you charge for creating new designs? Yes. We work hard to please you so you can expect an upfront design fee based on hours in the project.

What do the hang tags look like? Whatever you want. We have samples you can choose from or make your own.  Just like printing any project, there is an art fee if we design it for you.  Typically there is one tag for fabric description or other special highlight and another  for the brand and blank side to add your bar code/prices to.

Can you send me a sample? Yes. We have limited supply. We charge customers upfront for samples and shipping. The sample cost is applied to future orders.

How do I place an order?

When do I pay? 50% on order, 50% when we’re ready to ship. Factories will not begin production until the initial payment is made.

Do you have someone who can help design special shirts for me? Yes.